The Structure of Garmian University 
Garmian University was established in 2010 and noticeably has developed. Now the university has (7) colleges and (29) departments of different fields as the list below shows:

1-College of Education
The college of Education at Garmian university is one of the colleges for advanced education. It established in 2011.This College consists of six departments: English language, Psychological education, Geography, Kurdish language, Arabic language and history.

To prepare scientific and qualified cadres, this college was founded.

2-College of Education of Science
This college was founded on 2-7-2011.It contains four departments as the following: Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
The goal of this college is to bring up skilled bachelor according to the specified of the schools in this region and specially those of Garmian. In addition to that to fill the vacancies which exist in the schools today.

3-College of Basic Education
A- Just like Science College, this one also founded on 2-7-2011. There are four departments in this college; 
Kurdish language, Arabic language, Social science and physical education.

B- College of Basic Education/ Evening classes as been founded in 2012-2013 according to the Decree (no.749/3) in 2008-2009. In it there are the same departments exist above in morning classes as to say four departments mentioned in A.
The main aim behind establishing this college is to pass the message of the professional and scientific education ant teach them the principles of democracy and human rights besides; the skills of the methods of teaching are required in schools.

4-College of social science and physical education\ Khanaqin 
This college of science has been established in September/2004 and it was a part of sulaimani university later in 2011 it combined to Garmian university and it contains the following departments: Kurdish language, Arabic language, English language, Geography, psychology, history, physical education. The college of physical education established in 2008 in 2011 it related to Garmian university. 
The aim of this college is to raise up the ability of the students, to give value to the capability of solving the problems and present seminars and courses to develop the student's levels in Garmian. 

5-College of Agriculture/Kifri 
It has been established in 2013 and it had just one department at that time which is (animal resources). In addition to this today it has another department that is (agriculture production) and it has a project of fish production in Bawashaswar Dam. 
The goal of establishing this college is to develop the ability of the students to develop agriculture in the area specially and the region in general. 

6-College of Science 
In 2013, this college established and it had one department only. This college aimed to raise an advanced generation in using ( data base, network, security) and familiarize the students to use computer in academic way. In 2015, another department was added to this college that is chemistry department and now these departments tow existed in this college. 

7- College of architecture 
This type is a very important type of engineering which concerns building all the types of Airports, roads, bridges etc… 
In 2013 this college established and started working as an important department in Garmian university in 2014-2015. It aims at developing the country. 

Garmian University