About Garmian University:

Garmian is a semi-mountainous area it located between sulaimani from north and Diala from south and bordered by Iran from the west. 

Garmian University opened in spring/2010 as a present from the sixth cabinet of Kurdistan regional government to kalar town. At the beginning the university comprised four colleges ( education, basic education, Arts and physical education).Today the university has seven colleges and 29 departments in different fields.

Vision Statement 
  1. To create a bright future to the students from Garmian and outside Garmian as well. 
  2. To be a centre of researches to develop the knowledge of the researchers and the students of the region in general and Garmian in particular. 
  3. Achieve excellence under the atmosphere of freedom and equality. 
  4. To enable Garmian people to study in their town and get certificate with going to other cities. 
Mission Statement 
The mission of the University of Garmian is to:
  1. Contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning at the highest levels of excellence. 
  2. freedom of thought and expression in every field. 
  3. Strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups 
  4. Encouragement of Writing researches to be used as sources. 
  5. Have an extensive range of academic subjects in all the departments of the university. 
  6. Enable the students to learn throughout life.